Cloud Hosting

Customization is what sets our infrastructure apart from other hosting providers. Rather than adhering to strict architectures that serve the service provider’s capacity goals rather than your business needs, our infrastructure can be built piece by piece. No two packages are the same, making our virtual hosting options ideal for businesses, healthcare groups, financial institutions, nonprofits or professional services companies. Better yet, you are welcome to visit your virtual infrastructure in our secure data center any time you like.

Depending on an organization’s size, sector and digital profile, it may have a vastly different security configuration than another company. The two disparate systems shouldn’t be forced into the same cloud security framework. A custom cloud hosting solution offers support for whatever safeguards an organization uses, providing on-demand software patches and firewall monitoring if those elements are present.

We have IT staff on hand at all times that have dedicated expertise in specific cloud setups, and can provide troubleshooting and assistance in the context of what an organization needs. Instead of requiring appointments or offering generic advice, these IT personnel deliver specific feedback and customized support.

We have expereience with all major cloud providers, Azure(Microsoft), AWS(Amazon), Rackspace.

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