Virtual Desktop Infastructure

Our Virtual Desktops or Desktops as a Services helps employees stay productive anywhere, and on a variety of devices Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android. Your company’s applications run on Windows Server in the cloud, where they’re easier to scale and update. Employees install Microsoft Remote Desktop clients on their Internet-connected laptop, tablet, or phone—and can then access applications as if they were running locally.

We support all Window's applications including but not limited to; Microsoft Office, Intuit Quickbooks, Tabs3, PracticeMaster

Simple to Use

Our virtual desktops makes it easy to manage your desktop computing infrastructure by eliminating the need for up-front investments and avoiding the complexity of maintaining, patching, and managing a large physical desktop environment or a complex virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution.

Keep Your Data Secure and Available

Our virtual desktops provides each user with access to persistent storage in the cloud. When users access their cloud desktops,you control whether your corporate data is stored on multiple client devices, helping you keep your data secure.

Support Multiple Devices

Users can access their virtual desktops using their choice of device, such as a laptop computer (Mac OS or Windows,) tablet (iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android,) or zero clients.